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2013 Christmas Eve Concert Reviews:
  • It is an annual tradition for our family and the concert is as always, lovely. Thank you.
  • You can’t imagine how much I appreciate you getting the children involved and trained. Keep up the good work.
  • Wonderful! So glad the Children’s Choir is back. That is where my son got his start.
  • Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! You all are great.
  • Outstanding choir. Thank God for your years of service and commitment to OKC.
  • I truly enjoyed the adults and children.
  • I love coming every year and am extremely happy to see the Children’s choir return as a former member myself.
  • Wonderful! Thanks!
  • We have been coming to Christmas Eve here for many years! Wouldn’t miss it.
  • I truly enjoy the choir and have come for several years.
  • I enjoyed tonight’s concert and look forward to next year.
  • I always enjoy coming every year. It’s such a joy for my family and me to attend this celebration.
  • Great concert! So glad to hear the Children’s Choir. I hope the Children’s Choir grows.
  • It was wonderful seeing and hearing the children perform.
  • It was a blessing.
  • I always enjoy the Ambassadors’ choir.
  • Please continue to reach the entire city.
  • It was wonderful. I wish it was statewide with both youth and adults. Needed more programs.
  • Enjoyed the concert!
  • Excellent program and diversity. Truly excited about the Children’s Choir returning.
  • Beautiful music and direction. Love the children especially.
  • I support and pray that ALL in ALL as ONE.
  • I learned about you when you were being organized.
  • What a privilege to spend another Christmas Eve listening to the marvelous Ambassadors’ Choir. We have for many years and hope to continue.

I LOVED \"150 Years of Gospel! I hope you perform it again! Educational, entertaining and Blessed!
Carla Jacobs

I loved it!   Great selection variety! Skillfully executed. Spirit-filled service!    

The quality of the music and selections are always excellent and a blessing to all who attend. The accompanying musicians and directors are so accomplished and such a tremendous asset to the Ambassadors'. The choir is a blessing to the OKC community and beyond. OUTSTANDING!!!

Music is so uplifting! I know you have to work to maintain this level of excellence, but believe me, it is much appreciated. Thank you Ambassadors.

I thoroughly enjoy the spirit filled music of the Ambassadors' Concert Choir. I have been blessed by the music, message and the spirit. Thank you!!!

Great Concert! I will be back next year!

As always, every song was uplifting and ministered through praise to my soul and I'm sure to others. Many blessings for all future endeavors!

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